The 2023 Senior Rep Search Is ON!

What are Senior Reps?

Senior Reps are ambassadors for Sydney Jeanne Photography LLC, where seniors and their families receive free + discounted sessions in exchange for sharing their photos and experience on social media and with friends and family. It’s a great way for young adults to be a trendsetter, practice real-world skills like leadership, and gain business-orientated skills such as marketing. Reps also receive early access to exclusive deals and promotions. 

To qualify for a Senior Rep position, you must:

  • Attend school within 30 miles of Ellettsville, IN
  • Be willing to actively share, interact, and engage on social media (if applicable)
  • Share photos + experiences with others
  • Give SJP LLC permission to use your photos for marketing, portfolios, and social media posts

Senior Reps Receive...

In exchange for spreading the word about SJP LLC, Reps and their families will receive

  • 25% off all regular priced session
  • A free 1 hour session
  • A free 30 minute cap + gown session

When will Senior Reps be announced?

The 2023 Senior Rep team will be announced on Friday, February 11th. Reps will be contacted directly via email or text, and must complete the Senior Rep agreement to finalize their membership.

Applications are due Friday, February 4th.

If you are not on social media, please answer N/A.