Meet Sydney...

If you had told me six years ago that I'd be a full-time business owner, I would have thought you were NUTS.

Never, did I envision that a hobby and camera my parents gave me for my graduation gift would turn into a successful career.

I started my business in 2018 as a high school senior. My high school sweetheart and now husband, Jacob, was gearing up to compete at State for diving, so I figured I may as well try out the new camera at his meets. Weeks later, I booked my first paid gig with a classmate to do her senior photos. I was hooked! I was making money, and I was doing something I was PASSIONATE about. Through college, I continued my business to earn some extra cash for school, but after graduating in 2020 from Ivy Tech Community College, I realized my real love was photography.

Fast forward to 2024: I'm an LLC, running a full time operation. I have worked with nearly 400 amazing individuals, be it in the form of engagements, weddings, seniors, families, events, you name it. Each session is a brand new opportunity for me to learn and grow as a businesswoman and individual, and meet truly incredible folks.

What do i do when i'm not behind the camera?

One of my greatest joys has been helping care for my niece and nephew since 2017. They've called me "Nene" for so long, sometimes, I forget my real name!

I love to craft, sip iced coffee, jam to "Jesus Music" or Fleetwood Mac, and sleuth out a good mystery.

Beyond listening to "Jesus Music," one of my favorite activities is Bible journaling and my quiet prayer time. In a career where focus is so important, I often have to remind myself of my number one focus.

As of October 07, 2023, Jacob and I are Mr. and Mrs. Schunk!

When did I know it was time to go full time?

To be perfectly honest, I didn't know. In fact, I didn't ever know if I would go full time, or if photography would remain my job. It just sort of happened. As I was gearing up to graduate with my communication degree, applying to what I thought was a perfect job, 2020 grabbed a hold of my plans and turned them upside down. My parents suggested I take a year off to spend some time with my mom and help her throughout the day as she watched the grandbabies, still allowing me to do photography. Over time, photography became my full time job, with the benefits of spending hours of quality time with my family, daily.

Blessed does not even begin to describe what I feel knowing that my days since then have consisted of watching my niece and nephew grow, spending quality time with my mom, and now, having the ability to be a homemaker- my dream job.

My business isn't work. It's a daily reminder of God's grace and His constant love He has for us. Just when I thought I knew my plans, God redirected me into a life more beautiful than I could have ever imagined, and has taught me to not lean on my own understanding, but instead to trust in the plans He has for me.

The Timeline

my photography journey...



High School Sweethearts

My first DSLR: Canon Rebel T6

Snapshots by Sydney came to fruition on Instagram.

Graduated from Edgewood High School.



Photographed my first international session.

Photographed my first wedding. I made their wedding cake too!

Moved from a hobby to a business.



Graduated from Ivy Tech Community College.

Got Engaged November 28th.

Survived 2020.



Snapshots by Sydney became Sydney Jeanne Photography.

Photographed my first out-of-state Engagement session.

Purchased my Canon 5D Mark IV.

Became an LLC on October 14th.

First mentor session coaching another photographer.



Published in Shutter Up Magazine #296 Pink and #315 Milestones

Featured on Here Comes the Guide

Official Monroe County Fall Festival Photographer



Celebrated half a decade as a professional in the photography industry.

Married my high school sweetheart.

Relocated to Aurora, IL.



images captured







Jacob has had to crawl under a bridge to retrieve the light reflector

Adventures of the Job...

My photography journey has taken me to beautiful destinations, introduced me to incredible people, and delivered surprising opportunities, most recently- up 104 feet into the air! Photographing the 2022 Monroe County Fall Festival certainly took my business to new heights, as the Ellettsville Fire Department brought the Festival Queen and myself to this unexpected view...

Exciting News...

It is with bittersweet joy that after Jacob and I marry in October 2023, we're moving to Naperville, IL! Jacob accepted an amazing position at Grainger in Chicago, so I will be relocating my business towards the end of the year. We are so excited for this new journey together as soon to be husband and wife. We are thankful for every season, including this one. We hope to return to the Ellettsville area some day!